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Program News

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Now Hiring!

The Sacramento START Program is still hiring for the O.S.T. Leader position.  March 27, 2015 will be the deadline to submit an application.  Contact us today for more information. You can reach us at 916-808-6197.

Sports League Updates!

The Sacramento START programs sport's league is coming to a close.  We will be hosting our final sport for the season.  If your child is in the START program and is looking for a new dynamic, fast-paced and fun game, Speedy Ball is the game for you.  All participants must be enrolled in the Sacramento START in order to participate.  Please contact your START site for more information and a registration form.

Site News

Bancroft Open House

Join us for an evening of “FAMILY FUN” including KVIE, PBS Kids Kart Kingdom Live digital games demonstrating a “NEW VIRTUAL WORLD” and a  opportunity for families to prepare a healthy snack together

Bell Avenue Healthy Families Project

Join us for a variety of information and community resources and receive a “FREE” bag of food to take home for you and your family to enjoy. 
For more information please contact: 
Paula Travis, START program Site Director 916 825-5798 or 
Rhonda Patterson, START Program Project Coordinator 916 808-5537.

Elder Creek Elementary School
Healthy Families Project

Please join us for the Elder Creek morning Coffee Chat and an exciting workshop on healthy meals and receive a bag of food to take home for you and your family to enjoy.  The Healthy Families Project is a partnership between the Sacramento START Program, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, and Elder Creek Elementary School.

Media Center

The Sacramento START Program is now on Social Media!  Want to know what the START Program and sites are up to?  Join us today and stay informed on what START is doing.

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Health Education Council

The Sacramento START program has been nominated for a 2015 Delta and Gold Country Region Champion for Change Award.  The Delta and Gold Country Champion award recognize those who are working to improve the health of communities in one or more of the California counties.   Sacramento START has been recognized for the work we do incorporating healthy eating and active living in the Sacramento City Unifies School District.  Although our nomination did not make it to the final stage, being nominated was a great honor, and we are proud of the impact we are having in our communities.