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The Recycling and Solid Waste Division has new uniforms -- The Recycling and Solid Waste Division employees will be sporting new uniforms beginning Monday, August 11. The City recently changed uniform vendors (now Aramark) which prompted the change. Our new uniform shirts are blue with a white pin stripe and include our division logo.


General Services News

311 Call Center -- Last year 311 implemented a new integrated voice response (IVR) system to allow callers to receive answers to their questions in our phone system before speaking with a representative. During that time, we focused on answering simple questions, including hours and locations for the Front Street Shelter, information on parking citations, and household junk information.  In the month of August 2014, the phone system answered over 11,000 questions, which otherwise would have been handled by 311 Customer Service Representatives. In addition to the information the automated system provides today for Solid Waste, Animal Care and Parking, we have added options for Utilities and Planning.

Animal Care -- The Front Street Animal Shelter welcomes volunteers of all ages! If you are age 16 or older, you can volunteer independently. If you are from the ages of 12 to 15, you can enroll in our teen program or volunteer with your parent or guardian. If you are under the age of 12, you won't be able to volunteer at our shelter site, but can still help by working on community projects like a donation drive, newspaper projects, or pet treat bags. Please email the volunteer coordinator, Janice Wagaman, for more information on these projects. If you are a group leader and want to schedule a group project, please email the volunteer coordinator, Janice Wagaman.   Be sure to put "I Want to Schedule a Group Project", in the subject line of your email.

Solid Waste -- It’s that time of year when the City of Trees becomes the City of Leaves. The City collects 75,000 tons of yard waste per year. More than one third (27,000 tons) is picked up in November, December, and January. If you are a City residential customer, you can legally place yard waste piles in the street for collection during the City’s designated leaf season: FIRST DAY OUT - November 1, 2014; LAST DAY OUT - January 31, 2015.  By filling your yard waste container first, our crews can clear streets faster. Residents can get an estimate of when the Claw will be on their street by visiting or by calling 311.

Fleet -- Fleet is helping tight budgets by switching to a hybrid Neighborhood Services Division support vehicle that is expected to save the City of Sacramento $23,000, plus an additional $9,000 fuel savings over a 12-year life cycle. The total cost of ownership comparison between the diesel and hybrid vehicle revealed obvious savings to taxpayers through the $23,000 Hybrid Vehicle Incentive Program voucher that is provided by California Air Resources Board.

Facilities -- The Memorial Parking Garage at Lot C is located at 805 14th Street in downtown Sacramento. The concrete parking garage is 10 levels and approximately 385,000 square feet. The exterior and interior had sustained damage from various elements such as overgrown ivy, weather, and vehicle pollution. Responding to the Parking Division’s request for repairs, facilities staff took on this important project. Utilizing the on-call contract process, the project was delivered ahead of schedule and significantly under budget.

Welcome to General Services!

Reina Schwartz

The Department of General Services provides a variety of services, such as Animal Care, 311, Facilities and Real Property Management, Fleet Management, Recycling and Solid Waste Management. We pride ourselves on being responsive, efficient and open to suggestions. You can submit your questions, concerns, or suggestions through 311.

Reina Schwartz