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World-Renowned Sculpture Secured for ESC Plaza.

Learn more about City budget and participate in this fiscal year's process.

Watch Mayor Johnson's complete 2015 State of the City address or read the transcript.

Front Street Animal Shelter awarded a Lifesaving Grant from the Petco Foundation to support continued community outreach and adoption events in the Sacramento area.

City of Sacramento has best water conservation savings in 100 Years! Water usage is at an all-time low since 1914.

IRS certified volunteers will provide free tax preparation for those with incomes of $53,000 or less at several City community centers. In addition, free access to self-preparation software for those earning $60,000 or less is also available through MyFreeTaxes.

Download the free Sacramento 311 Android phone app, iPhone app or web service.

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2015 State of the City Address

Watch Mayor Johnson's complete State of the City address or read the transcript.

Council Documents

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2015 Council Rules of Procedure

2015 Council Meeting Schedule

2015 Mayoral Appointments