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Open Data Platform

With a click of a button, citizens can now access meaningful city data on one webpage, create reports and download information including building permit activity, crime reports, budget information, and land-use data.  This open data website, aimed to promote government transparency and openness, gives residents, visitors and businesses access to a growing number of datasets.

Open Data department budget visualizationOpen Budget

Sacramento's new Open Budget pages provide easy-to-use graphs and charts of budget, spending, and revenue information for the public.

encouraging public involvement 

Municipalities across the nation are providing web access to important public data.  Sacramento was the first in the region to provide this data in a one-stop-shop format. We want to ensure that all useful public City data can be easily found and used by citizens. We encourage residents and businesses to find innovative ways of using public data. Please let us know if there are other data sets that you would like us to deliver. We want to hear from you!

Launch OpenData Button

City legislative history and other important documents are also available online. Visit our record library to begin your search.