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The Department of Utilities is dedicated to providing Sacramento with excellent service every day. We provide and maintain the water, sewer collection, and storm drainage for the City of Sacramento. We have a variety of programs to promote water quality protection, water conservation, and a variety of other essential services.

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2015 Spring Watering schedule begins March 8.

Sacramento has declared a Stage 2 Water Shortage due to the historic drought. Find more information about Stage 2 Water Restrictions, your watering days, or ways to save water in and around your home.

Utility News

Two Day a Week Watering Returns March 8, 2015- Find your watering days!

City Residential Customers Water Usage at All-Time Low Since 1914

Keep your household drains free of Fats, Oils and Grease this holiday season and avoid a visit from Santa Clog!

Beginning November 2, watering is only allowed ONE DAY per week - either Saturday or Sunday.

Sacramento sells $248 Million in bonds to fix aging water and wastewater infrastructure

River-Friendly Landscape Rebate Program  provides rebates for turf replacement.

Sacramento Department of Utilities unveils Utility Rate Assistance Program

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Water Wise Calls

Water Wise House Call
Schedule a free visit with a water conservation specialist to find the best ways to save water, get tips and tools, and find out if you qualify for rebates!


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